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At Bayside Kids Dental, we do our best to keep your kids’ teeth healthy, decay-free, and intact! That being said, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. Maybe they’ve been sneaking cookies from the cookie jar and now they need a cavity filled. Maybe they were playing outside, took a tumble, and broke a tooth. Maybe they have a toothache or an infection. Whatever the case, our team has the materials, the tools, and the expertise to repair and rebuild their smile so they can get back to… you know, kid stuff!

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

You may still have some old metal fillings lurking in your mouth from the dark days of dentistry’s past, but your kids will never have to live with unsightly dark spots from metal amalgam fillings. Today we use a durable, natural-looking tooth-colored resin to stop decay and restore the tooth back to health. And we use a topical anesthetic to numb the area before the injection to make kids more comfortable for what can often be the scariest part of the procedure.

Tooth-colored fillings are stronger than metal amalgam, so they withstand the pressures of chewing and grinding—they’re built to last! They’re also more resistant to temperature changes, so they won’t expand, contract, and break like metal amalgam fillings did. Today’s fillings are color-matched to blend in seamlessly with your child’s natural teeth, so no one will ever know they’ve had a cavity filled—and we won’t tell if you won’t!


A crown is a tooth-shaped cap, secured over a tooth that’s been damaged by disease, decay, or injury. A crown can restore a tooth to its full, healthy condition so your little one can get back to being a kid! We use stainless steel to ensure our crowns are strong, durable, and cost effective to protect whatever natural tooth they have left.

Crowns do require some removal of healthy tooth structure to make room for the crown and ensure the strongest bond, so we will be sure to explore all our restorative options before resorting to a crown. However, a crown can protect any healthy tooth that remains, so we can prevent tooth loss or extraction and the need for extensive dental work like orthodontics later. We use a topical anesthetic to numb the area before the injection, so they won’t feel a thing!

Root Canals

If your usually happy little one is less than happy lately because of a toothache, you should come see us right away. A toothache could have many causes, but it is one of the many signs of a potential infection that should be treated as soon as possible. Other signs of infection include bleeding, swelling, pus, or a bad taste in the mouth.

We know root canals have earned a bad rap over the years, but with modern advancements in techniques and technology, today, they’re usually no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled. We use a topical anesthetic to make sure they don’t feel the injection or anything after.

A root canal involves making a small access hole in the tooth, through which we will use specialized tools to carefully remove the infection from inside the tooth. Once the infection is removed, we will sterilize and fill the chamber to prevent further infection and seal the tooth with a crown to restore it to its full, healthy condition. See, that wasn’t so bad!

If your little one is anxious or fearful, or has trouble receiving care for any reason, we also have sedation options available to make their experience as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

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If you have any questions about restorative dentistry for kids or you’re ready to schedule a visit with your Odenton pediatric dentists, Drs. Kenny and Sarrah Zamora at Bayside Kids Dental, give us a call today or request an appointment easily online!

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